I provide support to those of us who don't always fit in and have experienced some rough times.

Imagine feeling a sense of calm and being able to sit in stillness… being able to pause and not always react. Instead, think and thoughtfully respond in a way that aligns with the real you (not the pissed off, angry, scared, sad part of you)… this is possible!

Being human is not easy and it can generate “stuff”. What “stuff” exactly? Well, the stuff I typically work with is anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction and burnout. You know what this looks like for you. It may feel like nothing seems to be helping and you're alone. It's time to reach out to someone that has experience working in this “stuff” because you're looking here and you're ready for a change.

So, OK… how do I work on said “stuff”? Talking is important and we’ll definitely be doing a lot of that... but it's not everything. As you’ve likely felt, memories can get “stuck”. My approach is to help you get your mind and body back on track and in sync because I firmly believe the answers are inside of you… it’s about listening to those answers. There are a lot of tools (i.e. movement, mindfulness, breathing, eye movement or EMDR, tapping, thought records) that we can talk about together and I can be the guide to help you find those answers that will help you get “unstuck”. Ultimately, this approach will be catered to you because nobody is the same.

You already know what it looks like when you don’t have extra support, so make that incredibly brave decision to care for yourself today. You have nothing to lose from a free 15 minute phone consultation, so let’s connect and get things moving in a better direction. What’s important is that you get the help and support you want.

Please click here or call me at 512-553-2054 to receive your FREE 15 minute phone consultation today.

Here’s some stuff we can talk about: