Trauma can impact us all differently. When it’s not letting you live your life completely, it’s time to get help. Maybe you feel overwhelmed in situations that others might not. You may have nightmares or flashbacks about a trauma or stressful event. Maybe your job (i.e. first responder, crisis, worker, mental health worker) involves you being exposed to some pretty horrific stuff. You may become so upset if something even makes you think of that situation (i.e. a smell, a sound, a word), that you feel like you can’t breath and you have to escape. You may yell at someone that got you thinking of this bad memory, or return to a familiar go-to, like drugs or alcohol, to numb the pain.

You’re not alone. Many people have experienced a trauma or stressful event in their lives that still impacts them to this day. It gets carried around with them as though they’re still experiencing it right now, in the present moment. The world can feel like a scary place.

Trauma is tough and can feel overwhelming… but the thing about trauma is it can be incredibly treatable! We can talk about different skills, like eye movements (EMDR), mindfulness, yoga, or sensorimotor therapy where you will learn how the mind and body work together (not against each other, but together). All of this takes work, but I know you have it in you and I can help… heck, it takes a ton of work to manage all the difficulty this trauma is causing you now, so why not make a change today.

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Let’s try something that you may think is weird… tapping. Have you heard of this? I know, I thought it this was a lot of “woo woo” when I first heard about it too, but I’ve since found it personally to be helpful and I know a lot of clients that have too. For the sake of this practice, imagine something that isn’t too stressful for you (i.e. a bad public performance experience). On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “no biggie” and 10 being “the worst experience of my life”, what would you rate this (for this practice, let’s focus on something at a 5 or below).

Imagine this difficult moment and start tapping with firm pressure a few times in each spot indicated in the image. Ensure your body is relaxed, relax your muscles, and breathe deeply. Do the tapping in the following order:

Top of the Head
Side of the Eye
Under the Eye
Under the Nose
Chin Point
Under the Arm

Now, while you’re imagining this difficult moment, while your tapping with firm pressure in the same order… say aloud “even though xx, I deeply and completely accept myself.” In other words, using the example I had above, “even though I’m embarrassed from my last public speaking thing, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Do this a few times. Ensure your body is relaxed, relax your muscles, and breathe deeply.

Now, circle back to yourself… where are you on that scale? Did your number change at all? if it didn’t, maybe give it another try and see how you feel.

I’d like to hear about how this worked for you.

Contact me here or at 512-553-2054 to set up a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.