Finding a therapist in Austin


There’s A TON of options and choices when it comes to finding a therapist in the Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock and Cedar Park areas… and this is really great for you! It’s very important that you find a good match because it will be so much more productive for you.

Of course the goal is to ensure you can meet with someone that you feel comfortable with… it’s also OK if you don’t feel someone is a good fit for you. You are going to be sharing some very personal things, so if you don’t feel comfortable… it just won’t work. You can let the counselor know that it doesn’t feel like a good fit and they should give you a referral to another counselor or you can search for one yourself using the info below.

You can always search for what your looking for in the googles by typing in something like “anxiety therapy Austin” or “depression counseling Cedar Park”.

Another really great way to find a counselor is by looking on directories. The most popular one around here is definitely Psychology Today. There are also a few others like Good Therapy and Therapy Den. What’s cool about this option is you can have a peek at their profile and get a feel for if they could be a good fit for you and if they have a website, it should be somewhere on their profile. You can check out my Psychology Today Profile here.

My name is Nicole and I specialize in helping people with anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, and burnout. I also know a thing or two about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness and how the mind and body work together to impact us.

I would like to hear from you. Please contact me here or call 512-553-2054 to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation. I provide services to people in the North Austin, Pflugerville, Cedar Park and Round Rock areas.